About Us

The name 'Kim & Roses' stems from our desire to empower all the “roses” like you who stand for inner beauty, grace, and human values. 

Our boutique sells fashion and lifestyle items made by women entrepreneurs in Latin America. As a Social Purpose Corporation, we have two goals: to create a production model of economic sustainability, particularly for the female head of households, and to be a medium for education in underserved communities of both the U.S. and Latin America. 

Our motto, 'More than Rubies' comes from Proverbs 31:10: "Who can find a virtuous woman? / For her price is far above rubies." We work in solidarity, empathy, and support of other hard-working women with good values who seek to share their talents with the world. We support these leaders, workers, mothers, and pillars in our societies.

Our company values of Respect for diversity education, and family are the values that drive our social cause. That's why we focus on education and economic empowerment as a means of lifting up communities that are often overlooked, such as women and children in underserved areas. Studies have shown that communities that are more educated (either primary or higher level education) have lower rates of crime and child deaths, and have better overall nutrition, civil participation, and opportunity (See statistics below). It is also proven that when women have an increase in their household income, they're spending tends to change toward the benefit of the children. 




We thank you for your visit and hope you enjoy shopping for a great cause. We have a wide range of collections and will be adding new items soon, so don't miss out!




  • There are still 31 million girls of primary school age out of school. Of these, 17 million are expected never to enter school. 
  • Educated women are less likely to die in childbirth: If all mothers completed primary education, maternal deaths would be reduced by two-thirds, saving 98,000 lives
  • Mothers’ education improves child nutrition If all women had a primary education, 1.7 million children would be saved from stunting from malnutrition. If all women had a secondary education, 12 million children would be saved from stunting from malnutrition
  • School failure affects more than 3.5 million children and adolescents in Central America.
  • In Colombia and Mexico there is overlap in levels of achievement between poor and non-poor.
  • In Latin America, 14% of adults 26 and older cannot read or write at all.
  • Indigenous Latin Americans suffer even more from lack of schooling.
  • Poor children have less time to spend on school activities and less support for homework, and they tend to be absent more from school because of poor health, family and economic needs. Thus, poverty perpetuates poverty.
      UNESCO, UNICEF, and Harvard Review of Latin America