Our Journey Begins

Welcome to Kim & Roses!
We are a Social Purpose Corporation that supports education when you buy our designer dresses. Whether you are looking for a dream dress for prom, your perfect wedding dress, or one-of-a-kind accessories, we are excited for you to become part of our network that strives to improve social issues in our communities. 

For many years prior to its online presence, our family in Iowa, DC, and Miami has helped mothers and children in the U.S., Honduras and Costa Rica. There are many children in the streets in Latin America whose conditions and lack of resources often lead them to steal and get involved with drugs and other bad habits from an early age. Most of them come from single mothers who don't have the resources to support them. This is where we came in and decided we wanted to help from early on in a mother’s life to ensure that their kids stay in school. With the right timing and strategy, we decided to take our projects there to the next level by formally opening Kim & Roses in California. We developed a series of workshops in Los Angeles, CA that can improve the lives of parents and avoid social issues affecting their homes. We truly believe that knowledge is power, and providing families with the power to inform each other and distinguish what is false from what is true, can help them make better decisions in their lives. 



One question that came up from the beginning for the social purpose of education was: Why fashion? Our answer is this: to empower a mother is to empower mankind, and buying a dress from us can help make that happen. Women, like roses, come in many colors and types, and that is why we aim to empower all kinds of mothers, wives, and women who are pillars in their society, and who stand for inner beauty and value. Since our installment in LA, we have helped women shop with purpose, asking them to leave notes of encouragement for the children we help. And we want YOU to join us…we’re excited to meet you!

Please feel free to visit our online store to support our mission!

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