Pop-Ups for Change - 1st edition Recap

Drop in the oceanMother Teresa once said: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” This is a perspective that I find myself having to be reminded of in the midst of all the negativity and injustice in the world. How can one person do anything remotely significant to balance out the wrongdoings? They can, and they do. All the time, little by little.



That’s where the idea to start our Pop-Ups for Change series started.

Image Courtesy of Carecen LA InstagramAfter seeing the power in numbers to create impact, we thought about how to bring entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, non-profits, and community leaders together for a cause, while uplifting their unique talents and passions. Because Kim and Roses is primarily working with artisans in Central America for now, we thought it would be important to show our support for the Central American community in the U.S., and we couldn’t have found a better non-profit partner than CARECEN LA. In case you haven’t seen their work, their mission is to “empower Central Americans and ALL immigrants by defending human and civil rights, working for social and economic justice and promoting cultural diversity.”  

This particular event was aimed at empowering the youth initiatives that CARECEN has developed to create leaders of tomorrow. Our hope is that as we continue to take ‘Pop-Ups for Change’ across the country, more young people in Los Angeles will come and support CARECEN’s programs and benefit from them. They are always working on inspiring efforts, not to mention their youth space is a pretty cool place to be. 

Now that our incredible first edition of Pop-Ups for Change is done, we wanted to take some time to thank everyone who was involved in the event. First, we want to thank all of the entrepreneurs who participated in the market: ER Graphic Solutions, Intimalena, Toty Blue Swimwear, Oh Charles Book, Business Cars LLC,  Xol Y Luna, Ixoq Arte, Majestic Princess, Renase, Las EnganchadasSoChill DesignsCollective Avenue Coffee, as well as the CARECEN TPS group and Katalina Cardenas for their delicious Central American food! 

We also want to thank both of the non-profit partners that came out to support and provide resources, The Wall Las Memorias Project and Icon CDC.

A huge thank you as well to everyone who came out to support the event, including publicist/producer Martin Ortiz, Wilmington Field Deputy Fernando Navarrete, Locatora podcast host Ariana “Diosa” Zertuche, and Consul General of El Salvador Mercedes Lopez, to name a few. We also want to thank some people who weren’t able to make it, but showed tremendous amount of support, including Univision LA anchor Cecilia Bogran, Silvia from Vermont Med Spa, and Ku’uipo from Elisha C.

Of course, special thanks to those of you who came out to support and showed love on social media. We can’t wait to see what’s next for #PopUpsforChange :)

- Kimberly Marcela Duron, Chief Creative Officer

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