Empowering Women, One Product at a Time

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” As cliché as this Chinese proverb may be, it is absolutely right. For Kim and Roses, that can be the difference between an act of charity and an act of empowerment. As one of the few Social Purpose Corporations in the country, our goal has been to improve education in underserved communities of Central America and the U.S. In order to achieve this, we understand the value of creating and ensuring sustainability. We’re really excited to share the way our company is expanding with this goal in mind!

In our first phase, we began selling designer wedding gowns and gala dresses at a more affordable cost. We sold dresses to women all over the map, from France to New York to Los Angeles. Not only were we able to see our clients feel happy and beautiful when finding their perfect gown, but we were also glad to see our family and team continue empowering school children in rural areas of Latin America. 

Our next step, however, is to shift Kim & Roses' focus from giving resources to creating opportunity. We’ve started by expanding our product-type to include artisan items made by women in Central America. This shift couldn’t be more in tune with our goal of empowering women. Increasing a woman’s household income is proven to change the spending in ways that benefit the children. It becomes a ripple effect, because once a woman has the financial independence and stability, she can ensure her children’s education, better healthcare, and better overall quality of life for her family. In places like Honduras that have high rates of domestic violence, femicide, and gang-related violence, economic empowerment for women is crucial in making sure they don’t become another one of these statistics.

We are so excited to finally share our partnership with female entrepreneurs and mothers in Honduras to expand their range of opportunities. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing some wonderful products, from artisan accessories to home decor. We are working with female manufacturers, vendors, and distributors based in Honduras who seek to create more opportunities for their families and their communities. We can’t wait to for you to join on us this amazing journey!

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